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Name Model of exc. Kawasaki (K) regulators p/n 1
Main pump EC55 AP2D25 14633611
Main pump EC140 K5V80DT 9N 14531858
Main pump EW145 K5V80DT 9N 14524652
Main pump EW145B (P) K5V80DTP 9N 14531852
Main pump EC160/EC180 K5V80DT 9N 14533644
Main pump EC210B (P) K3V112DTP 9N 14571141
Main pump EC210 K3V112DT 9N 14595621
Main pump EC220 K3V112DT 9N 14603650
Main pump EC240B K3V112DT 9N 14531856
Main pump EC240 NLC K3V112DT 9N 14524180
Main pump EC290B (P) K5V140DTP 9N 14641331
Main pump EC290B K5V140DT 9N 14524052
Main pump EC360/EC380 K3V180DT 9N 14638307
Main pump EC360B/EC380B (P) K3V180DTP 9N 14566659
Main pump EC460B K5V200DTH 9N 14526609
Main pump EC700 K5V280DT/K5V280DTP 9N 14656476
Main pump DX225 K3V112DT 9N 400914-00212
Main pump DX340/S340/S420/S470/S500 Another type of pump 400914-0025
Main pump DX300 K3V112DT 9N К1006550С
Main pump DH150W-7 K5V80DTP HN0W 2401-9236B
Main pump S120-V, S130-V K3V63DT HN0V 2401-9236
Main pump S220LC-V K3V112DT HN0V 2401-9225
Main pump S240-V,S250LC-V / DH258LC-V K3V112DTP HN1V 401-00020
Main pump S280LC-V, S290-V, S290-LL K5V140DTP HN0V 2401-9233
Main pump S300LC-V K5V140DTP 9N01 400914-00401A
Main pump S330LC-V K3V180DT HN0V
Main pump S400LC-3 K3V180DTH HN0V 2401-9263
Main pump S450LC-V K3V180DTH HN1V 401-00040B
Main pump R320LC-7 K3V180DTP 9C69 31N9-10010
Main pump R160LC-7/R170W-7/R1400W-7 K5V80DTP 9C05 31N5-15010
Main pump R210LC-9/R220-9 K3V112DTP 9P12 31N6-10010
Main pump R170W-9/R180W-9 K5V80DTP 9C05 31Q5-15030
Main pump R290LC-7/R290LC-7A/R290LC-7G/R305LC-7/R300LC-9S K5V140DTP 9C12 31Q8-10030
Main pump R250LC-7 K3V112DT 9C32 31N7-10010
Main pump R210LC-7 K3V112DT 9C32 31N6-10050
Main pump R330LC-9 K3V180DT 9NJ9
Main pump R450LC/R500LC K5V200DTH 9C0Z/9С1Z 31NB-10022
Main pump R260LC-9 K3V112DT 9N69 31Q7-10050
Main pump R160LC-7/R180LC-7 K5V80DT 9C05 31N5-10011
Main pump R200W K3V112DT 31N6-10010
Main pump R480/R520 K5V280DTH 9N2Z 31Q8-10011
Main pump R360LC-7 K3V180DTH 9C12/9C0S 31NA-10030